Unique Scoreboard

Out with the old, in with the new. With our custom scoreboard, fans can now watch live scores while watching real team fans video from that game talking smack, celebrating, or expressing what’s on their mind while the game is going on.

Compete and Win

Always fun. Fanlyfe has created a fun weekly competition where fans can win cool prizes like sports memorabilia, apple products, etc. Just follow the rules and you could win. Oh yeah!Don’t forget your sportsmanship.

Beautiful UI

Quality over quantity. Enjoy a beautiful carefully designed & unique app. With features like filters for your videos, customize profile page, and much much more.


Never miss a beat. Get all your favorite team updates at the palm of your hands. Read all the breaking news and your favorite local team news.

Ultra Fast, Modern And Very Sporty

"They say home is where the heart is, we say home is where the fans is. FANLYFE is the home to the ulitmate sports fan. We believe FANLYFE is the bridge to bring the world together through love and that love is sports."